Colonize Epiales

Prepare to Colonize

Step into a brave new world of possibilities. Journey along the stars to Epiales and take your chance at claiming land and resources, building an outpost – even farming wincoin cryptocurrency! Your courage will be tested – but with it comes great reward!

Getting Started

A New Word


Epiales is an exciting world filled with aliens – both friendly and dangerous! There are four playable races and each one has unique abilities. Choose one that best suits your play style so you can defend your outpost!




Epiales can be a hostile place that requires preparation and resilience. Choose from four professions so you can protect your outpost should danger arise!




Ready to rake in the rewards? With a bit of strategic planning, you have all the resources needed to make farming a profitable venture! Select your primary job for harvesting profits, then select a secondary job that will ensure continuous growth. Get ready – it’s time to start sowing success!

A New Experience

Welcome to the big city!

Each station is a commerce hub with everything you need to start your business!

Commerce Hub

Visit your local station on Epiales where you can purchase and trade for goods, have fun, and enjoy unique food!
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Even if you play solo, you won't be alone! Optos are natives to Epiales and they are ready to help!


Get ready to manage your own alien workforce!
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There are many quests on Epiales to help get you started and learn about your outpost!


Most quests are there to help you learn the game or if you get stuck, but some come with rewards!
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